Upgrading Your Nintendo Lite

Upgrading Your Nintendo Lite

r4 3dsHumans tend to create imperfect products. By the word imperfect, I mean to say that there is always room for improvement and that is the reason we see new models of electronics, cars and gaming consoles coming up in the market every year.

Technology is a highly vulnerable market it the true sense. For a firm to remain in the tech industry, it needs to innovate on a regular basis. The survival of the toughest theory holds true for the tech industry. This is the reason heavy expenditure are done on research and development these days.

Economists incorporate 'information' as a new factor of production. If we only look at the handheld gaming consoles industry, it has grown into a multimillion dollar industry. There are players like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo competing with each other in terms of innovation and style.

Previously Nintendo launched the DS console which gained much popularity with the youth. But the Nintendo DS was heavy and not that attractive in aesthetics. Then just recently, Nintendo came up with the DS Lite, a newer version of the Nintendo DS.

The DS lite is certainly superior to the old Nintendo DS. The Nintendo team has rejuvenated the whole design. The DS lite is sleek, stylish and light weight, as indicated by its name. The DS Lite certainly has brighter display than the old DS.

The viewing angles of the display are really impressive. The brightness of the display remains intact when the device is tilted. They have really innovated on this product. The color of the skin is also sharp and gives a chic effect.

You can also upgrade your console by getting a good flash card from the market. You can either buy Acekard or Acekard 2i for your Nintendo DS. The Acekard works for the Nintendo DS as well as the Nintendo Lite. Usually it does not come with a micro SD card reader.

You require a micro SD card for transferring files from your computer to your console. You also need a micro SD card reader. The micro SD card reader is a USB with Sd card port at the back. All you need to do is to plug your micro SD card into the USB and then plug the USB into your laptop or desktop. The size of the Acekard is exactly same as the size of a typical DS game cartridge.

The dimensions of the card are the same as the game cartridge, with the only exception that it has a port for installing the micro SD card. The user interface of the Acekard is really good. You can select from a number of themes as well. It is highly user friendly and has a bundle of applications you can easily download from the internet.

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